About School of Industrial Fisheries:

The School of Industrial Fisheries was established in 1976 as the Department of Industrial Fisheries under the erstwhile University of Cochin for postgraduate teaching and research on all aspects of fisheries science and technology. The School offers M.Sc. Degree in Industrial Fisheries, Master of Fisheries Science (M.F.Sc.) in Seafood Safety and Trade, M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes in fisheries-related disciplines like aquaculture, fishery biology, fishing craft and gear technology, fish-processing technology, fishery economics and fisheries management. The School provides guidance and facility for students to work on any subject of topical interest in the fields indicated above. The alumni of the School are well received by the industry and trade both inside and outside the country. The faculty of the School has so far published four books, 300 research papers, four monographs and book reviews, besides having gained international exposure by visiting overseas institutes in the field. The School has organized four national seminars and at present has several research projects on Population Dynamics of Macrobrochium rosenbergii and Genetics of Fresh Water Fishes of Kerala, Coastal Zone Management and the Political Economy of Sustainable Development, Ornamental Fishes of Kerala and Biodiversity of Backwaters of Kerala / West Coast of India. The School is situated in the Lakeside Campus.


  • A statutory teaching Department of Cochin University of Science and Technology founded in 1976.

  • Located in a serene atmosphere on the banks of Cochin estuary.

  • Offering courses and supporting research in Industrial Fisheries and Fisheries Science.

  • Excellent Laboratory facilities.

  • Eminent and experienced faculty in Fisheries, Management, Economics, Seafood Processing and other related subjects.

  • Strong industry interface via Industrial Fisheries Alumni Association.

  • Students have to undertake Industry visits, Hatchery visits etc.

  • Compulsory in-plant training for the students.